Best Places to Stay in Cairns, Australia

There are many amazing hotels to stay in when visiting the city of Cairns. The expensive city in Northern Australia is a tourist destination hence the good number of hotels that range from economical to lavish chains. Here are a few of exceptional hotels in Cairns:

Shangri-La Hotel

The hotel which is conveniently located with a walking distance from the Great Barrier Reef making it ideal for tourists visiting the City. It is also easily accessible the Cairns Airport, the stretch taking approximately 10 minutes. The luxury hotel provides outstanding views of the popular Marlin Marina. Once inside, you will find a restaurant, two drinking joints and a fitness club. There is also an outdoor swimming pool on site.

Fitzroy Island Resort

This amazing paradise situated near the Great Barrier Reef gives you a chance to have fun at the nearby park. The Resort is 4.5 star rated and is excellent for honeymooners and family. It prides itself in the variety of rooms options that fits every guests’ specification, from cabins to studios. Facilities in this establishment include, a bar, an eatery, open-air pool and fast connectivity enabling you to play so you never miss out on wagers or fun.

Alamanda Palm Cove

This 5-star hotel has been graded as being among the top hotels in Australia for its excellent facilities and great recipes to excite your taste buds. It is also one of very few resorts with a large number of apartments- 55, to be precise. The hotel has three outdoor pools, one of which can be accessed by adults only.

These are just but a few of the many great hotels to be considered when touring Cairns, Australia. The various superb features and accessibility to tourist attraction sites make these facilities excellent choices for your stay in Cairns.