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This is a trusted destination for travellers visiting Cairns, Queensland, Australia, who want to find more information about bars, music, oceanfront restaurants and reservations for functions and events. Located along the east coast, the city is a perfect destination for summer vacations for family or solo travellers.

With this in mind, we have taken time to compile information based on research and real-life experience, which will come in handy for travellers with little or no knowledge about the city and what to expect when at the destination.

Restaurants and Bars

Under this section, readers will be taken through information touching on restaurants and bars in Cairns. Topics will include tips to consider when choosing a restaurant and the best bars and restaurants to visit in and near Cairns. When travelling, it’s essential to know what to expect in the destination. We have tried to develop a list of top restaurants and bars that fit every traveller’s bill.

Menus and Reservations

When travelling to a new country, knowing the local cuisine served is of paramount importance. This section will touch on Cairns’ best seafood dishes and tips to consider when choosing a restaurant for a special occasion.